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A man sitting on a chair smiling with his arms folded.

'Always be breathing: One man's journey back from the brink'

Paul Ashberry, who has recently got involved with our respiratory patient panels, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a baby and... Continue reading

Group of people sitting at tables and holding up like and dislike signs

Cystic fibrosis research trial in Wythenshawe

A new trial is currently taking place at the Medicines Evaluation Unit in Wythenshawe. It aims to combine different treatments to... Continue reading

Breathtaking research in Manchester

Manchester: a city of inventors and innovators. Researchers are living up to this reputation, working tirelessly to find the treatments... Continue reading

Making a noise about research

The ‘Breathtaking Lungs’ project was developed with patients and researchers to raise awareness about respiratory research in Greater... Continue reading

Group of people singing

Warbling in Wythenshawe

Research suggests that group singing can be beneficial for people living with long-term breathing conditions. Some people with breathing... Continue reading

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Meet the artist: Laurence Payot

We asked artist, Laurence Payot, how she worked with patients and members of the public to create an artwork as part of the... Continue reading

Clean Air Day facts and tips

Thursday 21 June is Clean Air Day. Here are a few facts you might not know about air pollution and other substances that can harm your... Continue reading

Breathtaking lung facts

You probably know that lungs are part of the respiratory or breathing system but here are a few facts about the lungs you might not be... Continue reading

'How clean is our air?' wonders Woodhouse Park youth group

Young people at Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre explored the idea of air pollution through art ahead of this year’s Clean Air Day. Continue reading

Getting arty in Wythenshawe

In March 2018, we took to the streets of Wythenshawe with artists Laurence Payot and Scott Farlow, to talk to people about their... Continue reading