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Radiotherapy & Sally

I had radiotherapy for breast cancer at the age of 37. Continue reading

Radiotherapy & Anthea

I’ve never had radiotherapy, but I use it to treat patients with gynaecological cancer. Continue reading

Radiotherapy & Sharon

I discovered that revisiting my experience was quite emotional. Continue reading

Radiotherapy & Tracy

I have had radiotherapy for breast cancer. Continue reading

Jackie's portrait

Radiotherapy & Jackie

I had radiotherapy for breast cancer. Continue reading

Radiotherapy & Nic

I’ve had radiotherapy as part of my treatment for cancer on my tongue. Continue reading

Additional resources

Sources of information and support for people with cancer, their families and carers. Continue reading

Jo Taylor with mask on to keep head still for radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy & Jo

We asked Saddleworth-based founder of After Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Jo Taylor, about her experiences of radiotherapy and research. Continue reading

Lara Veitch

Radiotherapy & Lara

We asked Lara Veitch, one of the creative team from Contact about her own experience. Continue reading